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Slovak-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Slovak and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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{pl} tag » answer
by renbyska (SK), 2016-09-10, 18:39  Spam?  
I´d like to submit this problem for a discussion in order to achieve an agreement in using the {pl} tag with nouns in plural in each language of the EN-SK language pair when contributing. Should be {pl} placed with just one or can be placed with both languages? The GL-7 says:

"For nouns in languages without grammatical gender, such as English, Hungarian or Turkish, use {pl} and {sg} in the respective field to denote plural or singular if unusual or different from the grammatical number in the other language.
If both languages in the pair have no grammatical gender, use the tags when the grammatical number is not the same on both sides."

In the DE-EN plural tag is used with one language only:
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by Paul (AT), 2016-09-11, 13:37  Spam?  
SK has gender tags, EN has none. So it's like in German-English.
{pl} tag  #853843
by renbyska (SK), 2016-09-11, 17:55  Spam?  
I´m sorry but I still don´t understand whether a translation of substantives both in plural form can be posted with {pl} tag on both sides. And can it posted in both Slovak language pairs (EN-SK and DE-SK) in the same way? For example:
SK Olympijské hry {pl} = DE Olympische Spiele {pl}
SK Olympijské hry {pl} = EN Olympic Games {pl}

I would highly appreciate an answer. Thank you.
by Paul (AT), 2016-09-11, 20:48  Spam?  
Information about a change in the guidelines regarding delete votes » answer
by Paul (AT), 2016-06-27, 17:46  Spam?  
The basic rule in GL 3 is "Always confirm the first correct posting!". So far, when there was no completely correct posting, and someone voted for a deletion, this delete vote was the first correct posting, so it had to be confirmed. However, most of the contributors understood this differently or didn't want to comply with it, for reasons I understand. In the last months this rule was challenged several times, which caused a lot of discussions. In the end I came to the conclusion that the vast majority of the community wants less strict delete rules. After discussing some text suggestions (forum: #846903), the following rule was accepted and is now effective:

+Always confirm the first correct posting! [...]
A [del] vote is considered a correct posting if no previous posting (input, vote or comment) contained...
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byt vs. apartmán » answer
by cutie01, 2016-06-10, 09:20  Spam?  194.96.165....
How can I make the difference clear in EN when translating the words byt and apartmán
byt vs. apartmán  #846020
by renbyska (SK), 2016-06-13, 10:07  Spam?  
"Byt" in Slovak means a living place within a block of flats (BrE) or an appartment building (AmE). Slovak word "apartmán" refers to a hotel suite or holiday / vacation suite in a tourist resort.
Postcard Translation » answer
by Luxord, 2016-05-09, 05:16  Spam?  72.77.57....
My friend recently found a postcard written by her great-grandmother from when she was 8. I have included a link to the picture below so if anyone could translate it I would appreciate it!
Postcard translation  #842867
by renbyska (SK), Last modified: 2016-05-10, 09:55  Spam?  
Here is some try, hopefully it will help. Anyway, I found it nice to come across the trace of Slovak roots abroad.
Dear family!
(insciption above:) This is our church and you can see some houses and a new school behind it.
Before I´ll put down a few words for you, let mi wish you from the bottom of my heart a lot of health and happiness, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are quite well-off. It is really cold here. And how are YOU? Are you in good health? We are. (note: "pokuse" perhaps - one at a time or individually)
Once again, I´m sending you my best greetings and good health wishes. Mária.
[SPAM] #849193
by beckyjburkm (UN), 2016-07-18, 11:32  
My father says it different than the online translation.  » answer
by Cindea, 2016-02-19, 02:58  Spam?  104.230.68...
I am trying to write "I love you". When I look up the translation online it is different than the way my father says it. Although he speaks Slovak he never learned how to write it. I am writing what it sounds like in English: I say
"Je tebe lubim." Then he replies "je tebe lubim tish".
But the online translation for "I love you" is "l'ubim t'a"
For "I love you too" the translation comes up "aj ja t'a l'ubim".
I know they are close, but can you tell me which ones are technically correct?
by fleurdelys (SK/FR), 2016-02-21, 23:59  Spam?  
I love you - Ľúbim ťa
I love you too - Aj ja ťa ľúbim  /this is technically correct/

I love you - Ja ťa ľúbim
I love you too - Ja teba tiež
by Krystakstarr (UN), 2016-07-30, 06:19  Spam?  
My great grandma (babi) would also say this to me! And I was spelling it the same way. I also really wish I knew how to spell it properly, I've been wanting it as a tattoo
Help » answer
by Lfc96, 2016-02-01, 14:28  Spam?  78.18.68...
I am seeing a slovakian a message he called me a bogarik...he said it is a nice word...can someone please tell me what it means?
bogarik  #832666
by renbyska (SK), Last modified: 2016-02-02, 15:26  Spam?  
No standard word, just in a East-Slovak region dialect "bogarik" means "chrobáčik", i.e. "little beetle", "little bug" or figuratively "honey", "sweetie". Comes from a Hungarian "bogár" = "beetle".áčik
by Lfc96, 2016-02-03, 22:03  Spam?  78.18.6....
Thats exactly what I came up with...the beetle part. Thank you for your help
Alphabet  » answer
by Cindea, 2016-01-13, 17:05  Spam?  104.230.68...
I am attempting to learn the Slovak alphabet. Are there any songs similar to the ABC song we learn in English? If so, is there a website I can utilize to hear it?
Alphabet  #831119
by renbyska (SK), 2016-01-16, 15:01  Spam?  
There is no such a common alphabet song in Slovak, just a modern one with lyrics by the renowned current Slovak poet Daniel Hevier which is, of course subject to copyright. Neveretheless some schools made a childrens´performance to this song and the parents took video and put at YouTube. The intelligebility is not of a prime quality, however. So if it helps, here is the link:
Thank you » answer
by Cindea, 2015-12-19, 22:03  Spam?  104.230.68...
Thank you for your translation. Everybody loves my Christmas cards!
Help, missing my grandmother! » answer
by ckrug160, 2015-12-16, 21:35  Spam?  24.145.20...
My Slovak grandmother used to call us children something that sounded like 'peachka malli'.  She's passed, and I'm sure that my spelling is incorrect so I haven't been able to find a translation.  Any help would be appreciated!
I need help translating a phrase from English to Slovak for a Christmas card » answer
by Cindea, 2015-11-30, 02:38  Spam?  104.230.68...
Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!
I´d need a magic word  #826934
by renbyska (SK), 2015-12-11, 14:50  Spam?  
Veselé Vianoce a požehnaný nový rok!
Other options? » answer
by Di_Di_My_Darling , 2015-10-30, 17:38  Spam?  72.199.178....
The direct translation of "Počujete ma stále rád?" from Google Translate doesn't seem right. Can anyone give me other options?
Thank you!
by renbyska (SK), 2015-11-07, 16:18  Spam?  
What´s the original sentence?
Correct Spelling » answer
by Gabutz, 2015-10-01, 17:40  Spam?  68.96.13...
I'm trying to find the correct spelling for a word that my great grandmother, grandmother and mother all said to me growing up. When I'd be fooling around for example playing with my food on my plate they would say "quit  with the GABUTZ" or  "quit GUBUTZing". I spelled it the best I could, but Gubutz is the word I am looking for the correct spelling for.


fooling around » answer
by Gabutz, 2015-10-01, 04:12  Spam?  68.96.13...
I'm trying to find the correct spelling for a word that my great grandmother, grandmother and mother all said to me growing up. When I'd be fooling around for example playing with my food on my plate they would say "quit  with the GABUTZ" or  "quit GUBUTZing". I spelled it the best I could, but Gubutz is the word I am looking for the correct spelling for.


SK1132001A3 » answer
by HaKosem, 2015-03-26, 10:10  Spam?  109.65.182....

I have SK1132001A3 as a PDF. I need it translated into English. There is 5 pages of text.
Help translating a phrase into Slovakian for national magazine » answer
by CathrynNewbery, 2015-01-20, 11:40  Spam?  185.45.25...

I work on a national magazine that is sent to more than 130,000 subscribers every month.

For our next issue we want to feature the following phrase on the cover, in Slovakian:

"British companies are hiring now"

The translation we have from Google is:

"Britskej spoločnosti sú teraz nájom"

Is this correct? Any urgent advice would be much appreciated as we go to print today, 20 January!

Many thanks
by bacek73 (CZ), 2015-01-20, 13:14  Spam?  
Britske spoločnosti teraz najimaji.

Maybe anyone has a better suggestion.
Thanks  #785311
by CathrynNewbery, 2015-01-20, 13:53  Spam?  185.45.25...
Thank you!
British companies are hiring now  #787111
by renbyska (SK), 2015-01-30, 10:15  Spam?  
I am sorry, but Bacek´s translation into Slovak is not correct, in addition to diactritics, the form of the verb, too and it  should be as follows:

"Britské spoločnosti (teraz) najímajú"

I know that it´s too late now but for the future I recommend to take an information from native speakers only. There are plenty of Slovaks in Britain and I ´m sure they work for translation agencies as well.
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