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Slovak-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Slovak and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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U.S. English spelling? » answer
by davefollmers (UN), Last modified: 2018-02-16, 13:23  Spam?  
Much as I am a fervent Brit-o-phile, alas I live in the U.S., and must thus abide by their we-just-wanna-be-naughty spelling rules. Mellel doesn't seem to have an option to select U.S. English for its spell checker. Short of teaching it all the U.S. variants as they come up red, what can be done?


I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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Need to know how to spell a phrase my grandma used to say to me » answer
by Ciocca5571, 2017-08-06, 17:28  Spam?  24.154.124....
Before bed my grandma would always say a phrase that I'm not sure on how to spell ....phoenetically it sounds like Double o noots, double espie, ja ča Lubim ( I know how to spell the last part of it but I'm looking for the first two spellings if anyone can help me out that would be appreciated Thanks!
Good night phrase  #875711
by renbyska (SK), 2017-08-07, 08:40  Spam?  
Well, it seems like a crystal ball reading but I think I can hear this:

Dobrú noc, dobre spi, ja ťa ľúbim. = Goodnight, sleep well, I love you.

I hope I´m right.
[SPAM] #878406
by QuangMinhHaNoi (VN), Last modified: 2017-09-12, 05:59  
Name of a flower in Slovak that sounds like Rad? » answer
by takeonme79, 2017-07-31, 20:29  Spam?  89.132.175...
I'm trying to find someone I met in a club in Bratislava. We exchanged numbers but did this hastily as his cab had arrived and he was keeping it and his friends waiting. The number I have for him is wrong and probably he's got my number wrong too. When I tried to find him on Facebook he said his surname was something like Rad. I thought maybe it's Rado but he also said his surname was Rad, like the flower. He spoke English well so I don't think he means the colour red.

Is there any flower in the Slovak language that sounds like Rad?
Inscriptions on old family photos » answer
by j canfield, 2017-07-16, 14:03  Spam?  173.73.137....

I need help translating the hand written notes on the back of some family photos that were given to me by my father.

The photos belonged to my great-grandmother, Julia Balas, who was born in Sariska, Slovakia in 1886.

The notes on the second photo are in english, but I believe the some of the notes on remaining 5 photos are in Slovak.

Thanks in advance for you help.

- James
Old family photos - translation  #874239
by renbyska (SK), 2017-07-17, 15:47  Spam?  
1 A picture taken on September 7, 1964, at our 25th wedding anniversary, Iľko Baláž and (his) wife Mária Balážová, Geľnica, Slovakia, CSSR (Czechoslovak Socialist Republic)

2 English text

3 For a keepsake from son Janko - born in 1938

4 For a keepsake from son Andrej - born in 1925

5 The only Slovak text on the stamp: Photo studio Zelmanovits, Velký Berezný
(in fact, in Slovak it should have been "Veľké Berezné")

6 English text
by j canfield, 2017-07-17, 16:19  Spam?  173.73.137....
Thank you!

I'm assuming Balas must be the americanized version of Baláž, and based on the dates, I am assuming these must be my great-grandmother's nephews.

Thanks again.
Happy Father's Day » answer
by Cindea, 2017-06-18, 16:18  Spam?  76.188.109...
Happy Father's Day!
Happy Birthday Dad!
Parents to Bohuš 2 » answer
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-27, 17:37  Spam?  
These are the last letters from the parents: I'm not sure why there are none after 1915.  He might have taken the letters home after he was repatriated form Serbia, but lost the ones he received in the trenches and Italy:

Letter 5, April 2015, sent to Zajecar (hospital) redirected to Knjazevac (prison) :

Letter 6, June 2015, sent to Knjazevac (prison) :

Letter 7, probably March 2015, sent to Zajecar (hospital) redirected to Knjazevac (prison) :
Parents to Bohuš 2 / Letter 5  #869636
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-29, 17:40  Spam?  
„March 28, 1915
Dearest Bohuš!
Frantík sent you money twice in a row now, once via Switzerland and then once telegraphically, 15 zl. (crowns) each time. Have you received them? We would like to help you, I wish you only received it!“ (=money) „Are you alright? We are alright and we think of you a lot! We got your card from March 26.
With hearty kisses and regards from all of us
Your sincere parents Pleskačs“
Parents to Bohuš 2 / Letter 6  #869638
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-29, 18:32  Spam?  
„June 2015
Dearest Bohuš!
Today we have been very pleased to receive your nice cards. My dear boy, what you asked for, we sent you many times; uncle from Plzeň is sending it to you via Switzerland and telegraphically, too, what are we supposed to do? God grant it will be over one day! We are alright, too and we think of you all the time! Uncle also got a card from you, he sent it to us. I am wrtiting to you all the time and you, poor boy, are not getting any cards. We all send you our warm regards and kisses
Your sincere parents“

Writing from the left edge to the upper right corner – I can only read it partially: „transport“ „I sent 480 (?)crowns totally“ „but of what use is it when you don´t receive it and enjoy it“
by jpleski, 2017-04-30, 02:36  Spam?  168.1.112...
Thank you.  Not much new info. But it's good to know what they say anyway.
Parents to Bohuš 2 / Letter 7  #869682
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-30, 18:23  Spam?  
„Dear Bohouš.
We are waiting for some news from you impatiently. Are you alright? We know very well that there is some disease at your place, mainly typhus and that´s why we are so anxious  about you not writing to us. Frantik wrote to us that you had written to him that you had not received any money by then. We suppose however that you have it now; I wanted to send you a telegram and to pay for the answer as well but it was not accepted; I  send you a couple of cards, too so that you could write to us more often when it takes 2 months for the letter to ***“ (illegible, maybe to come?) „Last week there was a military enrollment here, Jenik D*** (?) has been also conscripted, he will join the army on the 15th of April.  J*** (?) will be considered for the draft on May 12, he will be certainly conscripted. The...
» show full text
by JamesPleski (UN), 2017-04-30, 18:40  Spam?  
Thank you!   Lots of names mentioned, but I suppose they're just talking about various people in the village.  I suppose Hora is Kutna Hora, where the military base was.  It seems to come up a lot in letters. It's a pity but after all these letters, I never discovered the mother's name.   But thank you for the translations, they were really interesting to read.
End of the letters  #869823
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-05-03, 06:31  Spam?  
Thank you so much for all your work! It's really appreciated.  I was able to finish all the remaining letters.   I understand that:

1. Bohuš was repatriated from Serbia (somehow) in late 1915.
2. He went home and then was redeployed to the trenches between Austria and Italy.  
3. He was wounded again in 1917, and spent some time in a hospital in Italy, and then was transferred to an Italian prison camp.   The conditions in the Italian camp were much better than Serbia.  
4. In 1918 he joined the newly formed Czechoslovak Legion Italska.  There is a postcard from friends in Italy (in Italian).  They call him Goffredo.  
5. After the war he returned to the military base in Caslav/Kutna Hora, and finally completed military service in 1921.  He got married and took over his parents' grocer's shop in Nova Ves. He opened a dance hall there. He joined a local Legion organisation in 1926.  

And that was the end of the documents.
Parents to Bohuš » answer
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-24, 04:24  Spam?  
Although there are more letters from Bohuš, it would be nice to switch to the parents for a bit, to see what they are replying.

Letter 1:  Mar 1915 from Chotebor to Zajecar (hospital) Serbia

Letter 2: Apr 1915 from Chotebor to Knjazevac Serbia prison:

Letter 3: May 1915 from Chotebor to Zajecar, redirected to Knjazevac:

Letter 4: July 1915 from Chotebor to Knjazevac Serbia prison (might be too difficult to read):
Parents to Bohuš 1  #869419
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-25, 17:19  Spam?  
„March 31, 1915
Dearest Bohuš!
We´re worried very much because we haven´t got anything from you, we haven´t got any card since January 31, that was the last one. We know there are many diseases at the place where you are, so we are worried about your health. We wish we knew at least whether you got the money, we had sent you 25 zl“ (= zlatých, meaning new currency crowns) „and the uncle 10 zl, and we can´t even find out whether you got them. Dear Bohuš, we are really looking forward to seeing you again when God makes it shorter. We had also sent you some cards so that you could write to us. Dear Bohuš, we are sending  you our kisses and regards. God bless you.
Your sincere parents. (Konrad ?)“
by JPleski, 2017-04-25, 17:33  Spam?  168.1.99....
Thank you very much
Parents to Bohuš 2  #869421
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-25, 18:07  Spam?  
„April 31, 1915
Dearest Bohuš!
We received your pleasing card that you had sent to Plzeň in two months. We are very glad you got at least something, you should have let us know via which bank you got it“ (= money) „so that we could transfer it in the same way because we tried various ways including telegraphical one, and now we don´t know how it was delivered to you. Let us know if and how much you received. Let us know wether some of our letters have reached you because we write to you very often. God bless you, just be patient and  withstand everything. Maybe one day we´ll be together after all. Your sincere parents sending you warm kisses.“
by JPleski, 2017-04-26, 02:45  Spam?  168.1.75...
Thank you!   It will be interesting to see if the signature on letter 3 can be understood.   It's definitely sent from the parent's address as it's stamped (they were shopkeepers).   I don't know the mother's name, so if the first lettter was written by Konrad, perhaps it will reveal her name.  It seems like elaborate cursive script.
Parents to Bohuš 3  #869484
by renbyska (SK), Last modified: 2017-04-26, 15:08  Spam?  
„May 5, 1915
Dear Bohuš!
We received your pleasing card but you can´t imagine our despair that even with the best will in the world we are no able to help you; we sent you altogether 100 Crowns in three transfers and you can´t even think of it being to no avail if you don´t get them because I am an experienced person and I know all the the evil and being without money.
We are all in good health, we are just worried that maybe you are ill and that you can´t improve your situation.“ (in my opinion ´přilepšit si´ here meaning that Bohouš can´t get some extra money and thus financially improve his situation) „Would to God that it was over at last, hopefully God grant it that this time will come and then the joy of our reunion will be unutterable.
May God take care of you and keep you in good health.
Your sincere...
» show full text
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-26, 16:40  Spam?  
Well thank you so much for the translation. I'm sorry you had to spend so long trying to discern the signature. I've looked at it some time now, and the letters could be so many varieties. Based on your Parnovič idea, I wonder if it might be his surname, which is Pleskač. If that's possible the closing might still be "otec".  But then who would be writing the other letters, could it be the mother, I wonder.

I also considered that the family ran a shop business, and all the letters are just stamped with "Konrad Pleskac obchod koloniál Nova Ves", so I wondered if he's just sending letters to a brother named Konrad who runs the business.   But the letters never mention another person named Konrad.  And there's a military assurance form which would pay Konrad money in case of Bohus' death, that would usually go to the parents, not a brother.

Whatever it may be, it's much appreciated.   So far I have some names at least, even though I haven't got a clear family tree to affix photos to.   Everything takes time I suppose.

Re letter 4, I've sent the blurred scan to a relative in Prague asking for help, but I'm not sure I'll get a response.  It's a complex situation.
More from Bohuš » answer
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-21, 17:07  Spam?  
Letter 4, from Serbia to parents, June 1915:

Letter 5, Fieldpost KuK regiment to parents, July 1916:

Letter 6, Fieldpost KuK regiment to parents, July 1916:
More from Bohuš, letter 4  #869285
by renbyska (SK), Last modified: 2017-04-23, 17:23  Spam?  
„Knjaževac June 26, 1915
Dearest parents!
Accept my hearty greetings and loving memory. I got your telegram, i.e. from the uncle. You´re writing about money but I haven´t got it, just one delivery of 30 Crowns, not more, you must press for it; I am alright now but in a very bad temper because it´s terrible how long it lasts, I wish it would be over. Since the fate of a war prisoner is a horrible ordeal. You don´t have to worry about my health now because I have endured the worst already.
With warm regards and kisses from
More from Bohuš, letter 5   #869287
by renbyska (SK), Last modified: 2017-04-23, 17:23  Spam?  
„July 26
Dear parents!
Accept my hearty greetings and loving memory. I am still alright. I have received just a few answers from you, three cards during all that time, and I had sent you at least 25 of them.
With regards and kisses from
More from Bohuš, letter 6  #869290
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-23, 18:03  Spam?  
„Greeting from our trench on July 20, 1916
Dear parents!
Today I´ve received two pleasing cards from you dated July 15; after a long time, I´ve been becoming foul-tempered already since I´ve received nothing for so long, almost 5 weeks. As to the cigarettes, it would be a waste“ (of money?) „just give a packet of tabacco into the letter i.e. into the envelope and one or two packets of rolling paper; do not forget the paper; when you will be sending me a letter, always put the“ (cigarette) „paper into it. We are terribly short of smoking stuff here.
With regards and kisses from
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-24, 03:46  Spam?  
Thank you for these translations. The "from the trenches" one is the most revealing, poor men.   With the translation, "foul-tempered",  does it generally imply anger or depression?   I wondered if he meant that he was becoming despondent and frustrated.  Still,  I can appreciate that running out of tobacco can make a person "foul tempered", not to mention sitting in a muddy trench for months on end.
foul-tempered  #869334
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-24, 14:18  Spam?  
Generally it should mean that he´d been  in a bad mood, disgruntled.
Letters from Bohuš in Knjaževac Serbia » answer
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-19, 11:57  Spam?  
Letters from Bohus:

Dec 1914 to parents from Knjaževac Serbia:

May 1915 to parents from Knjaževac Serbia:

Jun 1915 to uncle Berka from Knjaževac Serbia:
Letters from Bohuš in Knjaževac, Serbia 1  #869181
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-21, 15:40  Spam?  
„December 12, 1914
Dearest parents!
Christmas holidays are coming soon and a New Year will begin but it will bring nothing new in our pitiful situation nor will it set us free; although we will celebrate, the feast will be sad, what relief will it bring? Nevertheless I wish you Merry Christmas as well as a Happy New Year.
With cordial regards and kisses from
Your Bohuš“
Letters from Bohuš in Knjaževac, Serbia 2  #869184
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-21, 15:54  Spam?  
„Knjaževac May 11, 1915
Dear parents!
Let me send you my warm greetings and nice memory. I haven´t received any news from you for a long time, I wrote and telegraphed to you for money and I got nothing at all. Uncle from Plzeň wrote to me on Januray 15, 1915 that he would send me 20 /?/ Crowns and I got nothing, either. Let him know about it. I am alright and I am longing  for peace.
With regards and kisses from
Letters from Bohuš in Knjaževac, Serbia 3  #869194
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-21, 16:29  Spam?  
„Knjaževac June 1, 1915
My dearest!
Please accept my greetings. The money you had sent me on April 28 reached me, the rest however not, demand it back. I was ill. ------------
I can´t wait for peace to come.
With regards and kisses to you from

I´d like to add that Bohuš must have been desperate in these letters, many words are written abbreviated,  the handwriting is really sloppy and the utterance very brief.
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-21, 17:08  Spam?  
Thank you again.   Yes, it's sad to read and he is desperate.  He was admitted to the sanitorium just before the first letter.   Unfortunately he doesn't say much about what happened. But then it seems the censors were pretty strict about what could be said. I can't help being annoyed that he's not providing enough information in the letters about the best way to send the money.  No wonder everyone back home was so distraught.
Letters from Natalka to Bohouš » answer
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-14, 10:24  Spam?  
These were written in 1919, so after the war. I think Naltalka is an aunt or sister.  She's in Chotebor East Bohemia.   I think Bohouš is back in Bohemia also.
Letters from Natálka to Bohuš 1  #868897
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-17, 18:30  Spam?  
„Written on January 2, 1919
Dear Bohuš!
I am sending you my warm regards and kisses! How are you, dear Bohuš? I am thinking of you all the time and I am looking forward so much to seeing you again. It´s a long time now that I have seen you. I also sent you a portrait of mine, I hope you´ve received it already. Mařka is sending you many regards.
With regards and kisses to you from
Your Natálka“

It seems to me that the relations between the two is very fervent, so my guess would be Natalka is either a sister or a girl friend/fiancée.
Letter 1  #868911
by JPleski, 2017-04-18, 01:42  Spam?  168.1.6...
It's a bit hard to say who she is at this stage. She might be a half sister from  Bohuš' father's first marriage.  She lives in a small village 13km away from Bohuš' parents.  All that I can ascertain is that Bohuš hadn't returned home after the war yet, but was obviously returning soon.
Other letters from Natalka  #868912
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-18, 02:05  Spam?  
Perhaps later we can look at these other letters. They seem quite short so I don't know if there will be much in them.

From 1917, addressed to "Field Post":

From 1916, sent to Cilli Styria:

From 1916 addressed to "Field Post":
Letters from Natálka to Bohuš 2  #868951
by renbyska (SK), Last modified: 2017-04-18, 17:29  Spam?  
„Dear Bohuš! Thank you for your nice memories, I am sending you warm kisses! I still cannot forgert the lovely time when you were with us. Why did it only passed so quickly? You don´t know, Bohuš, how I hated coming back home from Ždírec, I would prefer to go away with you. So much, oh so much I long for being with you again. I will be looking forward to your coming back soon. You´re asking if someone hasn´t stolen me? Then you´d have no one to annoy you but I was really scared on my way through the forest. Let me hear from you soon! Máňa is sending her regards to you!
With kisses from your Natálka
On January 19“ (or maybe 11 if the digit was overwritten)
Other letters from Natálka 1  #868953
by renbyska (SK), Last modified: 2017-04-18, 17:48  Spam?  
I´ll start from the third link, "Card 7 Side B, Natalka to Bohuš Pleskač"

„Dear Bohuš! Please accept my warm regards, and thank you for your memories. How are you, dear Bohuš? Here with us, there´s nothing new. We talk about you often and I hope that perhaps there comes the time when you´ll be visiting us again. I long for seeing you, Bohuš, I wish I could talk to you again. Write to me, my dear, soon and often, just do not forget.
With kisses from your Natálka
On December 20, 1916“ (or at least it looks like: 20/XII 1916)
Other letters from Natálka 2  #868954
by renbyska (SK), Last modified: 2017-04-18, 18:08  Spam?  
Card in the middle

„Beloved Bohuš!
Thank you for your card! I have written to you several times already. Write to me much – soon! You had written ´6th abt.´ back then, so I don´t know if my cards reached you.
With kisses from your Natálka
I will send a card again soon.“
Date in the upper right corner – I can only read day 18 and year 1916.
"abt." = "Abteilung" in German, meaning department or division (or ward in case it shoud refer to hospital)
by jpleski, 2017-04-19, 06:30  Spam?  168.1.75...
I see.Obviously not a sister. I believe Natalka was his first wife.  They must have met before the war started.
Other letters from Natálka 3  #869012
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-19, 10:48  Spam?  
„Dear Bohuš!
I am sending you my warm regards, and I thank you for your nice memories at the same time. You´re writing about bad weather, here with us it is the same. I think we won´t be able to ski this winter – it rains all the time. Will you be able to pay a visit home? We haven´t seen you for such a long time. Please write soon and a lot!
With memories from
The date in the upper right corner – I am not sure of the month, it may read 5 or 9
by JamesPleski (UN), 2017-04-19, 12:05  Spam?  
Thank you for the translations.  I'm curious about this Natalka.  My father used to write to her, so although his father married twice, perhaps Natalka was his biological mother.
Two letters » answer
by JamesPleski (UN), 2017-04-08, 02:28  Spam?  
From Leonold to Bohus in Serbia war prison, no sender address:

And what might be Gustav to Bohus in Zajecar Serbia, 1915:
Two letters 1  #868511
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-11, 13:48  Spam?  
„Dear Bohouš and Gustav
I expected an answer from you to my card which I wrote to you; we were glad to hear you were all right and that you thought of us; here we´ve got nothing new but almost everyone is in good health; on the other hand our neighbour Toník Dudek who was married to Mařka Mearčíková, was accompanied to the grave by us today; Alois is waiting for a news from you; Frantik is on a three days leave from  ´Hora´, he is in ´Profesience Hore´,“ (´Hora´ is written with capital letter in original, perhaps it´s a part of the geographical name ´Profesience Hore´ but I´m not sure if I read it correct, most probably not and it makes no sense to me) „ if you receive the card I will be writing more; I hope you are doing fine and we will be looking forward“ (maybe „to seing you“) „ with farewell and regards from the whole family and from me as well
Your Leopold *** “  
(family name illegible, maybe beginning with M, but the first name is definitely Leopold)

I hope I decipehered the card right because the sentences in text are not separated (I separeted them by semicolons) and the writer´s utterance is a little bit confused.
Leopold's letter  #868516
by JPleski, 2017-04-11, 15:55  Spam?  168.1.23...
Thank you. I get a sense that this Gustav is an army friend, because he refers to Bohous as "kolego" in other letters.  They appear to be in the same war prison.  There is a postcard and photo from Gustav so perhaps later we can see if there are clues. Who this Leopold is and how he knows both of them, plus the uncle Frantisek is a mystery.  I don't recognise the surname.  And I don't know who Alois is.

Parts of the text are very odd.  The only Hora I know is "Hora Kutna" where Bohus undertook army training.  I assume it's the region of Kutna Hora which is not far from Chotebor.  Profesience hore is very strange, it doesn't even look Czech.  

It's an odd letter.  Perhaps he's just a military colleague.  It's a pity there's no sender address or date on that one, it might have helped clarify the context.
Gustav  #868551
by JamesPleski (UN), 2017-04-12, 03:48  Spam?  
I'd be interested in knowing if the writer of this card is the same Gustav mentioned in the above letters:
Two letters 2  #868653
by renbyska (SK), Last modified: 2017-04-13, 18:19  Spam?  
"Dear colleague!
I´ve been ill for a considerable time; I am lying in artillery barracks; I am terribly weak; for a long time I´ve been unconscious with fever; now I´m starting to exist a little bit and to remember ... Svoboda and all the friends.“ (something non-transparent followed by family name Svoboda, maybe it could be ´give regards to Svoboda and all the friends´) „Nobody is allowed to visit me here, so write to me.“
Text just partially transparent, it should be an address: „...  Artillery Barracks, room No 5, ... Gustav ??? (the name looks like Gustav)

Note to room No 5 - in the original I could read "5. soba", "soba" is the Serbian for "room" ("izba" in Slovak, "pokoj" in Czech)
Compared with the next card signed Gustav, the handwriting is totally different, I doubt it is the same writer.
Letter 2  #868663
by JPleski, 2017-04-14, 02:09  Spam?  168.1.53....
Thank you. Can you read the date at all?  It looks like 1915.
Date in letter 2  #868721
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-14, 16:03  Spam?  
Well, it looks like "2 břez. 1915", "břez." being an abbreviation of "březen" = March, so the date should be March 2nd, 1915.
Gustav  #868725
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-14, 17:25  Spam?  
To: „Mr. Bohumil Pleskač
K. u. K. Garnison Spital 9“ (= Imperial and Royal Garrison Hospital 9)
„II Barak“ (= Block or Building No 2 ) „4. Abt.“ (Abt. = Abteilung /in German/  = 4th ward /meaning a department within hospital)
„Cilli“ (= German name for Slovenian town Celje)
„****“ (I can´t make it out, though it looks like ´Styro***´something)
Date: „Siegersdorf 18/XI 16“ = November 18, 1916 (or at least I hope so)
„My dearest colleague!
With a cordial remembrance I´m sending you our personnel“
(I don´t know the context, maybe it´s better to say ´our troop´)
Now the sentence continues in original „zastoupený při expedici ***“– I´m not sure of the meaning of „zastoupený“ , of course, if I make it out right, it can mean either 1  „deputised“, „filled/ stood in“ „covered“ (by sb.) or 2 „blocked“,...
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Photocard  #868759
by JPleski, 2017-04-15, 02:34  Spam?  168.1.6...
How curious!   So you think really think this is a different Gustav to the one who was so sick in the Serbia prison camp 18 months before?  I thought the way he wrote the very long y and g looked very similar.

It seems that Bohouš was in a Celje Austro-Hungarian hospital in Nov 1916, but he was a Knjaževač Serbia prison camp until Aug 1915, and then appears in a Padula Italy prison camp in Jun 1917. I wonder if he was in prison all that time.

I've checked a letter from Natalka to Bohouš in 1916 and the place she wrote to is Cilli Stýrsko.  Perhaps Celje Slovenia was under control of the Austrian region of Styria during the empire days. And perhaps the Serbian army had occupied it by 1916.
Photocard - Styria  #868773
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-15, 16:02  Spam?  
I´m sorry, yesterday I had little time to dig in deeper. You´re right, it´s definitely Styria and Cilli/Celje was a part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, namely of the region of Styria which was devided between Austria and Slovenia after the WW1 .
As far as Gustav is concerned, I only can tell that the handwriting in the two cards is totally different. I´m not a graphologist but even if we suppose that the handwriting of a man who is seriously ill can be changed, it can be changed to a certain extent only, not totally, unless maybe he used his other hand for writing. Or  we can also speculate that he was so weak to write a card that he asked somebody else to do it for him. The difference is clear in the details such as writing of individual letters or caron (haček) or the way how expressions "artileriski kasarna"...
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Gustav  #868792
by JPleski, 2017-04-15, 19:07  Spam?  168.1.53....
Your reasoning makes sense to me.  It's likely there were two people named Gustav.   I also read that there was a massive outbreak of Typhus in 1915, and about 150,000 people died in Serbia.  Perhaps that's what happened to this man.  It seemed he had something contagious as he wasn't allowed visitors. Anyway, that's all there is of Gustav letters I'm sorry to say.
by JPleski, 2017-04-15, 19:14  Spam?  168.1.53....
One other thing I was wondering, with the closing phrase, "With cordial regards and kisses", is that a typical expression that people used in those days?  It does seem a little unusual that a soldier would use this phrase to close a letter to a military colleague, though I appreciate there are likely cultural differences that I'm not familiar with.
With cordial regards and kisses  #868896
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-17, 18:16  Spam?  
Well, the original says "Srdečně tě zdraví a líbá Gustav" which was a normal closing formula in those times although I really don´t know if this was used between men, too. The word-by-word translation would be "Gustav is sending you regards and is kissing you" which sounds funny in English of course and it wouldn´t be used by an English speaking person. So I tried to use the typicall English closing formula preserving the meaning of the Czech phrase.
Cilli, Styria  #868950
by renbyska (SK), 2017-04-18, 16:54  Spam?  
One more note to your guess - "Perhaps Celje Slovenia was under control of the Austrian region of Styria during the empire days. And perhaps the Serbian army had occupied it by 1916. " This part of current Slovenia was a part of Austrian-Hungarian Empire (particularly of Austria), as I have mentioned before, until 1918 and it was not controlled by the Serbian army at all. Bohouš was lying in Cilli in the Austrian-Hungarian military hospital, as the Gustav´s card address says, in "K.u.K Garnison Spital", where "K.u.K." is an abbreviation of "kaiserlich und königlich", i.e. "imperial and royal" (garrison hospital). You must understand that Austria was an empire and Hungary was a kingdom, creating one state together. So Bohouš was not a war prisoner when he was in Cilli. It means that after the prison time in 1915 he must have been repatriated by his mother country, cured in this hospital and then perhaps sent back to the front.
by JPleski, 2017-04-19, 11:17  Spam?  168.1.6...
Yes I see.  So it's likely he was taken prisoner twice, once in Serbia in 1915, and the second time in Italy in 1917.  And in 1916 he was just fighting on the Austro-Hungarian side, where he was wounded.
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